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Authors: Jill Talbot

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Titles: "One Boy's Luminous Skin."  


Video Essays Appearing in The Humble Essayist



January 24, 2020


from “On Going (Back)”
in Brevity
by Jill Talbot


We're excited about this week's commentary which is a first for The Humble Essayist: a video essay based on this week’s paragraph by Jill Talbot.THE


Jill Talbot is the author of The Way We Weren’t: A Memoir and Loaded: Women and Addiction. She’s also the editor of Metawritings: Toward a Theory of Nonfiction. Her essays have appeared in AGNI, Colorado Review, Diagram, Ecotone, Hotel Amerika, Longreads, The Normal School, and The Paris Review Daily, among others. She is the nonfiction editor at American Literary Review and teaches creative writing at The University of North Texas.

The Paragraph of the Week is from her essay “On Going (Back)” published in Brevity. Read Talbot's paragraph and click on the photo to see the video.

When you finish, you can read Talbot's full essay here.

The Paragraph of the Week

I have a history of going, of going back, of thinking go away, go away, go away. Right now I’m sitting in the booth of a faded bar along a highway on my way back to Texas. I’m staring out a dusty window (wobbly table, sweaty bottle). Greyhound bus, UPS double-trailer, white construction truck, car, car, blue pick-up, SUV, cement truck, semi, semi, semi.


On the other side of the highway, trees bend in the spring wind.

—Jill Talbot

Video Essay Commentary

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Video Essays by Steven Harvey

"One Boy's Luminous Skin" is a video essay based on  a piece by Steven Harvey that first appeared in American Literary Review. It is about school gun violence but it does not contain any images of guns, children, or violence. You can read the original essay here.


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