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The Ashland MFA

Want to Write?


"Writing from the Heartland" is the motto for the Ashland MFA and it is a fitting description for a program of constructive criticism in a friendly atmoshere.  The MFA is a valuable step for those interested in pursing a career in creative writing because students learn far more in two years than they could on their own, avoiding common pitfalls that can set a writer back for years. They can also learn the value of being part of a community of writers which makes the lonely business of the empty page much easier.  Since the MFA is a low-residency program, students from all over the country can participate and still keep their jobs.  The Humble Essayist, in his other identity as the author Steven Harvey, is a proud founding faculty member in the program.  To learn more about the Ashland MFA, please click the button below or send an e-mail to The Humble Essayist on the contact page.

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